Zombo Combo! Walking Dead cast members gather at MCM Scotland

Source: MCM Scotland

MCM Scotland is fully prepped for the zombie apocalypse, with no fewer than six cast members from hit horror drama The Walking Dead set to join us next month. Khary Payton, Madison Lintz, Macsen Lintz, Jayson Warner Smith, Joshua Mikel and Lew Temple will all be attending both days of the show, which returns to Glasgow on 22-23 September.

Khary Payton (Teen Titans, Justice League Action) stars as King Ezekiel in Seasons 7 and 8 of The Walking Dead. The self-proclaimed monarch of a community known as The Kingdom, Ezekiel is one of the zombie show’s rarest characters – a genuinely good guy. A kind-hearted man who just wants to protect his people, the tiger-owning king is faking his over-the-top regal persona so that his ‘subjects’ have a figurehead to believe in.

As Negan’s lieutenant Gavin, Jayson Warner Smith (Rectify, The Birth of a Nation) was one of the threats that Ezekiel had to contend with. The leader of the Chemical Plant Outpost, Gavin served on the governing council of the Saviors, a hostile group of heavily-armed survivors ruled by charismatic tyrant Negan. A weak man out to save his own skin, Gavin didn’t delight in cruelty for its own sake, however – unlike our next guest’s character!

Joshua Mikel (Nashville, Hindsight) appeared as brutal bully Jared, easily one of the most dislikeable and depraved of the Saviors (and that’s saying something!). Even his boss Gavin is disgusted when Jared shoots teenage Kingdom resident Benjamin – whose younger brother Henry is played by fellow MCM Scotland guest Macsen Lintz (Under the Dome). Despite his youth, Henry heads off to confront the Saviors over his brother’s death.

If the name ‘Lintz’ seems familiar, that’s because Macsen’s older sister Madison has also starred in The Walking Dead! Madison Lintz, who plays Maddie Bosch in Amazon Studios’ cop show Bosch, portrayed Sophia Peletier in the opening two seasons of AMC’s zombie blockbuster. The young daughter of Ed and Carol, Sophia meets her end when she gets lost in the woods and turned into a walker – forcing a horrified Rick to gun the girl down.

Lew Temple (Unstoppable, The Devil’s Rejects) appeared as Axel in The Walking Dead’s third season. A small-time crook imprisoned for armed robbery with a water pistol, Axel is trapped in West Georgia Correctional Facility when the zombie apocalypse breaks out. Initially distrusted by Rick, the genial Axel eventually becomes a fully-fledged member of Grimes’ group… only to get unceremoniously sniped by The Governor.

— This news story is for September 2018’s MCM Scotland Comic Con —