TPub Presents: How comics can help you in your exams and your career

Source: MCM London

Neil Gibson from TPub Comics is doing a panel teaching you how comics can help you in your studies and in your career. If you want to more easily remember key facts for exams, or if you want to communicate a new idea to a large number of people in an organisation, this is the talk for you.

Many people think that comic books are childish, and the truth is they can be. Just as any conversation, any book or any film can be childish. But comics can also be incredibly thought provoking and intellectual. They are explains how you can use the comic book medium to get better exam results and also how you can communicate ideas to many parties.

The talk has been given to 5 Universities and several schools and it explains the advantages of the medium and touches on the neuroscience of how comic affect the brain. Comics are increasingly being used in education, so join this talk and see how they really can help you!

Neil TPub are also making the comic book for Stan Lee’s Lucky Man. Pick up your free copy of  the comic from stall CV90 in comic village – don’t forget to check out the comic con special screening of Lucky Man and talk with the actors too!