Tournament Announcement – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Source: Play Blackpool

PLAY Expo Blackpool 2019 will feature Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments with prizes to be won!

Saturday’s tournament is for those of you with a competitive composition; 1v1, 5 stocks, 3 minute rounds, battlefield only, no final smash. It’s all to play for. Battle your way through round after grueling round to be crowned PLAY Expo Blackpool’s Super Smash Bros Champion!
You can bring your own controller, only GameCube & Pro Controllers are permitted due to interference with other consoles. 

Sunday’s casual community tournament will feature the very things that made Smash a fan favourite; Any Map, All Items, and Final Smashes enabled!

Tournament sign-ups will take place at the Tournaments Registration Desk by the side of the Main Stage from 11am. We’ll release the full tournament timetable soon.

So whether you’re a seasoned Samus main or an up-and-coming Chrom, PLAY Expo Blackpool has you covered!