The Walking Dead’s Khary Payton & Cooper Andrews are first MCM Manchester guests of 2018

Hail to the king, baby! Khary Payton, who stars as King Ezekiel on The Walking Dead, and Cooper Andrews, who plays his right hand man Jerry, are the first special guests to be announced for this year’s MCM Manchester Comic Con. The duo will be meeting fans on both days of the event, which storms back to Manchester Central on 28-29 July.

What with the whole ‘sitting on his throne with a pet tiger by his side’ shtick, Payton’s King Ezekiel might seem like just another of the petty tyrants who litter The Walking Dead’s zombie-infested, post-apocalypse wasteland. However, the likeable Ezekiel confounds expectations by turning out to be an altruistic leader faking an over-the-top regal persona to give his ‘loyal subjects’ a figurehead to follow.

When he’s not battling zombies and petting tigers in The Walking Dead, Khary Payton is best known for his cartoon and videogame voice work – in particular, as superhero Cyborg in Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go!, Justice League Action and other animated series.

Joining The Walking Dead after a stint on Silicon Valley drama Halt and Catch Fire, Cooper Andrews plays Ezekiel’s loyal personal steward and bodyguard Jerry. A lovable, friendly guy with a penchant for puns, Jerry also happens to be a dab hand with a double-bladed battle axe – as people who attempt to harm his king discover to their cost!

— This news story is for July 2018’s MCM Manchester Comic Con —

Source: MCM Manchester