Taskset 35 Year Reunion at PLAY Expo Blackpool

Source: Play Blackpool

We have an exciting announcement for all you Commodore fans: We’re hosting a 35 year reunion for Taskset at PLAY Expo Blackpool!

Back in the mid-Eighties, Taskset was a name you could trust. With bold, colourful graphics, toe-tapping tunes and cheeky postcard humour, you could instantly recognise their work. Games such as Super Pipeline and its excellent sequel, Bozo’s Night Out, which required you to stagger home safely after a heavy session in the pub, and the reggae-fuelled Jammin’ endeared them to C64 gamers everywhere. 

But the Taskset story is bigger than that, beginning with arcade hits like The Pit, taking in collaborations with the Stamper Brothers of Rare fame and ending with a decking from judo champ Brian Jacks.

We are delighted to welcome Taskset founder Andy Walker and original team members Paul Hodgson, Mark Buttery and Andy Rixon to PLAY Expo for a Q&A hosted by Retro Gamer magazine regulars Paul Drury and Martyn Carroll, who intend to match Bozo drink for drink during the talk.