Steampunk in Manchester

Source: MCM Manchester

The Ministry of Steampunk along with Steampunk Emporium are back at MCM Manchester! 

In the year since their last visit, the guys over at The Ministry of Steampunk have been busy making new exhibits, fusing Steampunk with some of your favorite films and T.V. shows, and putting some of their creations into a Post Apocalypse world too.

The first of their new pieces is ‘Eve’, short for’ Evolution’. While she is semi house trained, she may still be a bit ”bitey”. Don’t fear, she will be looked after by her special keepers, and available for photo opportunities too!

As always,  you won’t want to miss their Steampunk Police Box. Is it Steampunk? is it Whovian? is it P.A? You decide. Above all, it’s a great photo opportunity!

Elsie Tinker will be bringing her Steampunk inspired Disney collection to Manchester for the first time. There will also be more of the popular Steamwars exhibits too. The much loved exhibit of New Order Helmets is also growing , with a new one being made by all of the Steampunk Emporium team. With the spin off films there is plenty of inspiration to draw on.

Mark Goodman has also been busy with some more of his gaming inspired steampunk mashups. New pieces have been made, some of which will be available for sale too.

Prop maker John Naylor has been inspired by more of the Marvel Universe, his expanding Wall of Hero’s will be there. Can you name all of them?