Retro Replay hits MCM Manchester

Source: MCM Manchester

MCM Comic Con brings you an exclusive UK first from two of most prolific names in video games.

Retro Replay is the brand new YouTube show featuring Nolan North and Troy Baker, modern day game icons from Uncharted, Deadpool, and The Last of Us. Join them as the guys sit on their couch and play through retro video games, with a healthy dose of their signature banter. With over 350 combined voice and acting credits, Nolan North and Troy Baker have played characters that generations of gamers and geeks have come to love. From Nathan Drake (Uncharted) to Joel (Last of Us) both have brought modern day game characters to life.

Nolan North, beloved amongst gamers for breathing life into the iconic, Nathan Drake, has appeared in a plethora of popular games over the years. Fans will recognise his work in franchises such as, Final Fantasy XII (Vossler), Assassins Creed (Desmond Miles), Fable II (The Hero), Batman: Arkham series (Penguin), and Destiny (The Ghost) amongst many, many others. Nolan has a number of live action roles under his belt, and keen-eyed fans will have spotted him at the helm of the USS Vengeance in JJ Abbram’s Star Trek: Into Darkness

Troy Baker has an equally impressive resume of iconic video game characters to his name. Gamers will have heard Troy’s work in popular franchises such as; Final Fantasy XIII (Snow Villiers), Batman: Arkham Series (Tim Drake, Two-Face, The Joker), Silent Hill 2 (James Sunderland), BioShock: Infinite (Booker DeWitt), InFamous: Second Son (Delsin Rowe) & the Middle Earth: Shadow franchise (Talion). Troy is also a talented musician, and fans would be well served to check out his latest album Window to the Abbey.

So join Nolan and Troy live on the main stage as they go back and play the games that inspired the creators of so many modern masterpieces. What will they be playing on the MCM Manchester Stage? Be sure to check it out yourself to find out!

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