Retro Rarities at PLAY Expo Blackpool

Source: Play Blackpool

As this PLAY Expo Blackpool is a Retro Special, we wanted to spice things up, so we’re bringing some extra-special retro rarities to the show!

Whether they had a short lifespan, a limited release, or are just downright quirky, these classic consoles are some of the most interesting pieces of retrogaming history. We’ll be confirming a different console every few days on Facebook and Twitter, here’s what we’ve announced so far:

Commodore 64 Games System – A cartridge based home video console version of everyone’s favourite home computer powerhouse.
Apple Bandai Pippin – With one of the shortest lifecycles in retrogaming history, there are more peripherals produced than actual systems.
FM Towns Marty II – The second iteration of the Japanese FM Towns Marty boasted 2 main upgrades over it’s predecessor; it cost less and had a dark gray case!
PC-KD863G – Is it a PC Engine? Is it a CRT? It’s both with built-in stereo speakers.
Atari Jaguar CD – A games list you can almost count on your fingers, and only a rumoured 20’000 produced.

There will be plenty more weird and wonderful consoles announced over the next six weeks. Make sure you get your tickets so you can play on these lovelies!