Pinball Extravaganza for PLAY Expo Blackpool

Source: Play Blackpool

Are you a fan of all things pinball? Then we have an exciting announcement for you:

The fine folks over at Northern Lights Pinball will be putting on a Pinball Through The Ages display at PLAY Expo Blackpool!

It will focus on the key developments regarding how pinball has evolved from a simple electrical and mechanical amusement device, to the complex and challenging computer controlled games they are today. It gets even better as all games in the display will be available free to play.

They will also be running various tournaments all weekend long, including a pay-to-play adults high score competition, a free children’s high score competition with a chance at a trophy, and a pay-to-play EM challenge competition that will be held on one of the earliest electromechanical games.

The full list of pinball machines will be confirmed at a later date.

So whether you’re a pinball perfectionist, or a bumper bozo, you’ll find something to enjoy at PLAY Expo Blackpool!