Panels for Book Lovers 📚

Source: MCM London

Get your brains in gear and your pages turning, Author Corner is back at MCM London and its bigger than ever! Check out our schedule highlights here: 


Live Stage – 13:15pm – 13:45pm: Fred van Lente – Join CJ and the Live Stage gang as they chat with Comic Book writer Fred van Lente (The Amazing Spider-Man, Deadpool vs the Punisher) as he talks about his latest novel, The Con Artist.

Comic Village Stage – 15:15pm – 16:00pm: Authors of Action – Moderator Alasdair Stuart chats with Best-selling authors Brian McClellan (The Gunpowder Mage series) Wesley Chu (Time Salvager) and Kevin Hearne (A Plague of Giants) Jen Williams (The Copper Cat trilogy) and Lucy Hounsom (The WorldMaker Trilogy) discuss what makes a great action scene in fiction.  Bloody violence or rated PG? How much does other media – films, television, video games – influence an author when it comes to crafting their action beats?

Comic Village Stage – 17:15pm – 18:00pm: Orbit & Gollancz Presents: Once More with Meaning – The great fiction stories throughout the years have always held a mirror up to our society’s turbulent history.  Just look at the works of JRR Tolkein, George RR Martin, or Stephen King, to see evidence of this.  Alasdair Stuart (The Man of Words, Escape Artists Inc) chats with authors Brian McClellan (The Gunpowder Mage series) Jen Williams (The Copper Cat Trilogy) Wesley Chu (Time Salvager) Lucy Hounsom (Worldmaker Trilogy) and Sam Miller (Blackfish City) to find out how they take real world concerns and create fiction around them.


Comic Village Stage – 11:00am – 11:45pm: How to Get Published – What does it take to climb the bestseller list and rise above the mass market blockbusters?  Join Fred van Lente (The Con Artist) Marieke Nijkamp (Before I Let Go) Adrian Tchaikovsky (The Hyena and the Hawk) Vic James (Gilded Cage) and Sam Miller (Blackfish City) – as they chat with moderator Leila Abu El Hawa (the Post-Apocalyptic Book Club & Dark Societies) to offer up their top do’s and don’ts about getting ahead in the industry.

Live Stage – 12:30pm – 13:00pm: Gollancz Presents: Richard K Morgan – CJ sits down with author Richard K Morgan and talks about the Netflix adaption of his critically acclaimed science-fiction novel, Altered Carbon, the influence that Blade Runner had on the series, and where it might go next. 

Comic Village Stage – 13:00pm – 13:45pm: Talking Tough – Tackling Difficult Themes in YA fiction – Join moderator Leila Abu El Hawa (the Post-Apocalyptic Book Club & Dark Societies) as she talks with YA authors Sam Miller (The Art of Starving) Samantha Shannon (The Bone Season) Katherine Webber (Wing Jones) Tom Pollack (White Rabbit, Red Wolf) Alwyn Hamilton (Rebel of the Sands) and Marieke Nijkamp (Before I Let Go) to discuss tackling difficult themes within their fiction, and the fine line that’s walked between exploring those themes in an entertaining and thought-provoking way without preaching.

Comic Village Stage – 14:00pm – 14:45pm:  Gollancz Presents: Tales of THE WITCHER – MCM Comic Con are thrilled to announce “A conversation with Andrzej Sapkowski”, bestselling author of THE WITCHER series. Andrzej will be speaking with Peter Kenny, the actor whose voice has brought to life many of Andrzej’s beloved characters from his work.  Don’t miss this exclusive UK appearance from one of the fantasy genres favourite authors. 

Live Stage – 16:00pm – 16:30pm: So, You Want to Write YA – Join YA authors Alwyn Hamilton (Rebel of the Sands) Samantha Shannon (The Bone Season) and Marieke Nijkamp (Before I Let Go) as they chat with CJ and the Live Team about what it takes to write great YA, and some of the steps needed for aspiring writers to break into the field.


Comic Village Stage – 12pm – 12:45pm: Breaking In: The Business of Comics – Join Comic Book creators Conor McCreery (Kill Shakespeare) Neil Gibson (Founder & Editor-In-Chief of T Pub) and Fred van Lente (Cowboys & Aliens) as they give you a first-hand look at the business of creating comics for a living.  Find out what publishers are looking for when it comes to portfolios and scripts, what to do and not do when approaching comic publishers, etc.  If you’ve ever wanted to break into the comic book business than this is the panel for you.

Comic Village Stage – 14:00pm – 14:45pm: Wonder Women of Pop Culture – Moderator Leila El Ab Hawa (the Post-Apocalyptic Book Club & Dark Societies) takes the stage with authors Emma Newman (Planetfall) Heather Child (Everything about you) Laure Eve (The Graces) Alwyn Hamilton (Rebel of the Sands) and Melinda Salisbury (The Sin Eater’s Daughter) to discuss their journeys as women writers within their respective field, and what pop culture as a whole can do to continue to promote and further true equality and diversity.

Creator Stage – 14:00pm – 14:45pm: Battle of the Sexes: Building Better Worlds –  In this corner we have authors Elizabeth Bear (Ancestral Night) Liz de Jager (Blackhart Legacy) Lucy Hounsom (the Worldmaker Trilogy), and in this corner we have authors Scott Lynch (The Gentleman Bastard series) Brian McClellan (The Gunpowder Mage series) and Mark de Jager (Infernal)!  Prepare for the sparks to fly as the two sides come together on stage to fight it out in a debate that will determine who builds better worlds in speculative fiction; female or male authors.  Moderator Anne Perry (Editorial Director at Simon & Schuster UK) bravely steps in the middle of this rambunctious lot to try and keep things civilised.  Believe us, this is a panel you won’t want to miss!