Meet Team RWBY at MCM London this October!

Source: MCM London

We’re thrilled to announce that Team RWBY will be paying MCM London a return visit this October, with the hit animation’s four main stars – Lindsay Jones, Arryn Zech, Kara Eberle and Barbara Dunkelman – all meeting fans at Britain’s biggest celebration of pop culture.

Lindsay Jones voices heroine Ruby Rose in Rooster Teeth’s epic fantasy cartoon, which heads into its seventh season later this year. Two years younger than her friends, Ruby is a super cheerful and optimistic teen, albeit one who’s somewhat fixated on her kickass gun-scythe, Crescent Rose. An explosively effective fighter, she is the leader of Team RWBY.

Arryn Zech plays Blake Belladonna, one of the persecuted Faunus and a former member of the extremist White Fang organisation. Quitting the group when it became too violent, the initally aloof Blake joined Beacon Academy to become a Huntress, keeping her Faunus identity a secret by concealing her distinctive cat ears beneath black bow.

Kara Eberle stars as Weiss Schnee, the white-haired heiress of the shady Schnee Dust Company. Her haughty attitude softened by being Ruby’s partner in Team RWBY, 17-year-old rich kid Weiss battles the forces of the Grimm with her powerful weapon Myrtenaster, a Multi-Action Dust Rapier that she wields with poise and elegant precision.

Barbara Dunkelman is the voice of Yang Xiao Long, Ruby’s big sister and Blake’s partner at Beacon Academy. The strongest member of Team RWBY physically, Yang is confidant, impulsive, energetic …and very fond of a good scrap. Her primary weapons are a pair of gauntlets known as Ember Celica. Word to the wise; do NOT mess with her hair!

— This news story is for October 2019’s MCM London Comic Con —