Indie Games Lineup

Source: Play Glasgow

Here are the details of the indie games we’ve lined up for you. Scotland has a thriving indie scene and many of these developers are local studios so come along to PLAY Expo Glasgow and show them your support!


Return Learn Games –
Knights Quest – Berzerk Requiem:

jh atari 2600 all in one by

Quest for Shield of Liberty. Can you survive long enough to free the realm?


Mega Cat Studios – 
Coffee Crisis:

coffee crisis

Little Medusa:

little medusa hd banner

Log Jammers:

log jammer

Mega Cat Studios makes new games for old consoles and brings a retro ethos to current gen gaming.


Mogworks Studios – 
Dragon’s Cavern VR:


Set in a fantasy world, players have to edge across a chasm, pick up a dragon’s egg and return – Not as easy as it sounds!  The ‘bridge’  to be crossed, consists of a narrow plank of wood, high above a river of molten lava flowing far below. This is a quick and easy game to play targeting arcades and events using full body tracking and real world props, which along with the detailed atmospheric environment makes this a highly immersive experience and not for the feint hearted!


Monocool Interactive
Mirrors –

Mirrors is a light reflecting puzzle game where you play as an adventurer navigating your way through the tombs of Ancient Egypt. By reflecting light off mirrors onto a receptacle, you can progress deeper into the tombs where danger waits. Can you find the Pharaoh’s treasure?


Kupo Games
Epic Battle Fantasy 5 –

ebf5 art 2

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is a light-hearted turn-based JRPG, inspired by 2D classics. It features plenty of over-the-top battle animations, silly costumes, and juvenile humour. 


The Glasgow School of Art
Manzanar – 


Rod of Asclepius – 


A selection of student games and audio explorations created as coursework in our Games and Game Audio classes at The Glasgow School of Art.


Wrench Games
Blind Wizard Brawl – 

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Blind Wizard Brawl is a game where players brawl their almighty wizards against each other in a phygital environment. What is phygital, you ask? Blind Wizard Brawl combines physicality of a card game with the digital nature of an app, using both in tandem creates a unique and interesting game for you and for friends! Are you strong enough to become the most powerful wizard in the land?