Indie Games Lineup

Source: Play Blackpool

The UK has a thriving indie scene, and at PLAY Expo Blackpool we’re going to give it a little love. Here is a sneak peek at the indie devs that will be in the spotlight:

Phantom Aspect –
Thrunt XL: resizeimage 10

ThruntXL is a super-tricky time-attack thrust-em-up. Race your agile but fragile craft through deadly underground caverns, hazardous industrial facilities and military bases gone haywire. Now do it without swearing. ThruntXL takes inspiration from classic games like Thrust and Gravitar, but with the emphasis on speed, timing and precision.


Flump Studios UK – 
Horizon Shift ’81: resizeimage 11

Horizon Shift 81′ is the sequel to the explosive wave based shooter Horizon Shift. Do what it takes to protect your horizon from the ever encroaching enemy attack!


Retroburn – 
Positron: resizeimage 12

Positron is a fast paced arcade racing game inspired by the classic arcade games of the 80’s. Battle against opponents in the Arena, navigate your way out of of the Maze, and collect power-ups while avoiding your own trail in Snake. This modern update to these well known arcade classics combines bright 3D neon visuals, enhanced effects, and super smooth gameplay while enforcing the core game mechanics seen in those original games.


Sinister Soft – 
Zombie Rocks!: resizeimage 13

The plot is simple: A witch has cursed you to eat brains to survive. The more brains the better! Zombie Rocks! is a non-stop, 60hz, retro inspired, multi-player arcade game. Battle you way through obstacles and puzzles to find your way through multiple increasingly difficult levels.


1st Impact Games –
All Contact Lost: resizeimage 14

All Contact Lost is a Sci-Fi survival FPS where you are put in charge of building an outpost on the moon, backed by a team of four, you must build powerful defences, strategise your team and fight to endure the horror below the surface known as the Acari.


Cave Monsters – 
Lord Winklebottom Investigates: The Case of the Expired Axolotl: resizeimage 15

Lord Winklebottom Investigates: The Case of the Expired Axolotl is a point and click murder mystery adventure game set in an alternative 1920s where humans don’t exist.


LimeVibe Games – 
Space Toads Mayhem: resizeimage 16

Space Toads Mayhem is an arcade-style, topdown shooter paying homage to classics from the 1980s – some say it tastes like arcade-flavoured ice cream with laser blast sprinkles.


Asobi.Tech –
Mao Mao Castle:

MaoMao Image 3 1024x640 1

Help MaoMao the Cat-Dragon make it back to his castle, avoid obstacles, collect rainbows, and rack up points. Speed dash to crash through trees, pillars, and moai, as you fly around trying not to lose one of your 9 lives. Perform deft manoeuvres by gliding your finger across the glass of your mobile device, or waving your hand over the LEAP Motion Controller.


Matt Glanville – 
Switch ‘N’ Shoot: resizeimage 18

Switch ‘N’ Shoot is a score-based arcade shoot ’em up with a twist… ONE BUTTON turns your ship and fires your guns at the same time. This simple rule forces you to think on your feet and time your shots carefully. One misplaced shot and you’re space-toast.


Rusty Pixels –
Baggers In Space: resizeimage 19

Can you help “Baggers” get back home? Journey through space visiting a myriad of dangerous and unusual planets, battle a host of evil adversaries, negotiate a wealth of deadly and terrifying traps. But… by heavens, please make it back in time for tea!

Warhawk: resizeimage 20

It has been 476 years since the last Warhawk defeated Zoch’s ministers of evil.. In the year 6066, the forgotten planet Vile has been mined by the
minions of the awakened Zoch in order to rebuild his evil empire once more! Nothing stands in the way of this universal threat but one pilot and his mighty Warhawk.
Defend the universe through 20 levels filled with the brutal and most deadliest armada of abominable crafts, advanced cities and unholy bosses and mini bosses. 


Lampros Potamianos – 
Angry Bloaters: resizeimage 21

An homage to a favorite game of their youth, Eric and the Floaters by Hudson Soft, Angry Bloaters is an amalgam of it and Bomberman, offering an advancing number of bonuses as the game progresses (just a treasure for the first stages and bomb range expansion/plasma bomb/high speed shoes on the next ones). Bloaters become faster as the game progresses and increase in number too. Every 4 stages there is the dreaded auto-bomb-setting stage!

Stages differ too, with a variety of obstacle placement and some offer a Pacman-esque way to escape to the other side of the level!

The Hollow Earth Hypothesis:


Taking inspiration from games such as Terramex, Bruce Lee, Rick Dangerous and more, The Hollow Earth Hypothesis is a new arcade adventure with puzzle & platform elements; it’s a screen flipping/scrolling game with a total of 80 screens that comprise of a surreal world inhabited by giant deformed creatures. The player must jump and climb through levels collecting coins and items scattered throughout!


Llamasoft – 
To Be Confirmed:

Not only is Jeff Minter taking part in our panels and Q&A’s at PLAY Expo Blackpool, he’ll be bringing along his current projects to show off in our indie zone. In typical Jeff fashion everything is very hush hush, but you can be sure it’ll be something spectacular!