Homo/Bi/Transphobia in Gaming: Stories of being LGBT+ in gaming

Source: MCM London

London Gaymers takes the stage to discuss being LGBT+ in the gaming world – both from a community and professional perspective – through a talk with LGBT+ in the video game industry. The talk will explore historic issues around LGBT+ inclusion within the gaming world, how things are currently and suggestions for how we can change the industry moving forward.  


  1. Charleyy Hodson – Mixer Host + Social Strategist for Xbox UK at Assembly/Edelman
    1. Charleyy is a blogger, turned wannabe freelance Games Journalist, turned Community Manager for Xbox UK, turned streamer, turned 2x official Mixer liveshow host.
  2. Ashely “Nova” Spindler – Twitch Streamer / Podcaster / Astronomer / Engineer
    1. Ashely is a streamer and online content creator on Twitch. As a transwoman, she is an outspoken advocate for LGBT representation in gaming and prides herself on building a trans friendly community on Twitch. She produces LGBT-focussed content like her talk show “The Trans Agenda” and is a cast member on the podcast “Feelings First.”
  3. Izzy Jagan – Account Executive at Indigo Pearl
    1. Izzy is an English Literature graduate from Brighton, but originally from Dagenham. Whilst Indigo pearl is her first foray into the gaming industry, she has a large background of being involved in fanbases from a young age. Her time at Indigo Pearl have taught her a lot about what it feels like to be a queer, brown woman in the video game industry.
  4. Nathan Costello (aka Lady Rhoda Kill) – iOS Developer / freelance iOS games designer
    1. Nathan is a lifetime gamer with extensive experience in not only modding existing games but creating new ones. Currently, alongside regular iOS work, Nathan is finishing a game for the iOS platform which is due to be released in Summer 2018.

London Gaymers panel takes place at 12:00pm on Saturday on the Creator Stage!