Fighting Spirit Film Festival 🤺

Source: MCM Manchester

Please note that this event is 15+ only. You will need to collect an entry wristband from the Fighting Spirit Film Festival booth located at BB4.

Brace yourselves! The Fighting Spirit Film Festival brings MCM Comic Con an exciting selection of short films, packed with action and martial arts. A must-see for all Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, or Scott Adkins fan!

They will be screening six short films guaranteed to get your heart pounding. Dive into the world of action and martial arts with their collection of short film titles, including some of their previous award winners!


  1. Express Delivery (2017) 12mins
    When a Bounty Hunter drags Swifty, a street-wise New Yorker from the back of his trunk, Swifty manages to uncover his true identity. He now must now dispatch him before the clients arrive.
  2. Kowloon Killers (2017) 12mins
    We follow a handful of Vietnamese surviving in Hong Kong. They have found themselves victim to a double cross as the local triads are out for blood. Nowhere to run and held at gun point at a supermarket in Mong Kok, we see all Hell break loose. But our protagonists don’t accept their fate easily.
  3. Soho Jimbo (2016) 7minsA wanderer plays two rivalling triad gangs against each other in their bitter war for Chinatown.
  4. I Am Not the Devil (2017) 8mins
    A professional thief infiltrates an illegal, back street auction. His well-planned robbery is up turned when he realises the auction is selling an innocent girl as the devil in human form.
  5. Shadow Warriors (2017) 4mins
    Two vigilante warriors out to rid their city of a notorious gang boss have only one thing standing in their way. Their RIVALRY
  6. Fixer (2016) 5mins
    A mysterious man is recruited by a wealthy businessman to secure the safe delivery of a briefcase to his daughter.

The team behind Fighting Spirit Film Festival aims to support the wider martial arts community and inspire a new generation of martial artists. Through martial arts cinema, they aim to entertain and inspire people, promote martial arts culture, and support those who have chosen it as a career.

They have organised three festivals so far; two in London and one in Birmingham. Their fourth film festival is upcoming in September in London, so be sure to check out their website for more information.