Feel the Pride at MCM

Source: MCM Manchester

At MCM, we are dedicated to creating not only a safe space, but a space where all of you feel proud to be who you are. We are excited to announce that proceeds from all of our MCM Pride merch from every MCM event will be donated to Switchboard, the LGBTQ+ helpline.


Switchboard is one of the UK’s longest running, volunteer led charities serving the LGBT+ communities. As a national helpline, we serve on average 15,000 callers a year across phone, instant messaging and email. However you need to reach us, you can, from 10am-10pm every day.

Whilst we were established to provide vital signposting and information to LGBT+ communities, we are a service open to all. We talk to people from all across the UK, wishing to discuss issues ranging from sexuality, gender identity, mental and sexual health, isolation and more. Whether this ​is​ a personal challenge or one facing a friend or family member, we are a confidential, non-directive service – we don’t tell people what to do and we don’t judge. We’re here to listen and support people to make informed decisions for themselves. Every call is unique, and Switchboard prides itself on responding to the changing needs of our communities by providing a service that’s continually evolving and relevant.

Helpline: 0300 330 0630
Instant Messaging: ​www.switchboard.lgbt