Cosplay Masquerade Sign-Up and Judge Reveal

Source: Play Glasgow

Fans of Cosplay will be pleased to hear that we will have cosplay on our main stage and will be hosting a number of Cosplay events throughout the weekend at Play Expo Glasgow including a masquerade on both days with prizes for the best characters as chosen by our panel of judges.

For those of you wishing to sign-up in advance for Cosplay, you can head over to the masquerade sign up page and register all your details.

Our panel of judges can also now be revealed; the three judges for this year are:

Cosplay Name: Anaelic 

Bio:  I first began cosplaying 6 years ago but only started making my own costumes in 2015. I love cosplaying from cute anime girls to badass video game characters, and especially love making props and armour. I have competed in various competitions across the UK, and can’t wait to attend Play Expo for the first time! 

Anaelic tint

Photographer:  @menenti_ (Instagram) 


Cosplay Name: Lady Arthas Cosplay

Bio:  My name is Janet, I’m a Slovak cosplayer currently living in Aberdeen. I started cosplaying three years ago when I made my first armour build – Arthas Menethil. I’m a huge fan of Blizzard games and they are always number one choice for my costumes. 

Lady Arthas Cosplay

Photographer:  Acoustica Photography 


Cosplay Name: Machine Cosplay 

Bio: Machina Cosplay is a Scottish cosplayer, who has been cosplaying for 4 years and loves all things animated. She specialises in prop making and armor based cosplays from her favourite anime, cartoons and video games.

Machina Cosplay

Photographer:  Alasdair Watson Photography


Our cosplay specialists will be organising the Cosplay stage and running our Cosplay masquerade – there will be plenty of press and magazine photographers at the event so we are encouraging everyone to come in character and make the event a fun and colourful one.