Cosplay and Japan and… a Cow? Oh my!

Source: MCM London

The return of MCM London Comic Con in October 2018 also means the return of the Cosplay Masquerades! Saturday hosts a smaller ‘mini-Masquerade’ on the PopAsia Stage around lunchtime to make way for the EuroCosplay Championships Final at the end of the day. Rounding out the weekend on Sunday will be a full size affair with not one but two chances at international representation on the line! You can register via a form at the foot of this page.

The UK World Cosplay Summit is now moving to the October show to give the successful duo more time to prepare for the Final in Nagoya Japan. Sign up to perform in the Cosplay Masquerade as a duo as characters from Japanese anime, manga, & video games and you could win a trip to Japan to represent the UK in the World Cosplay Summit Final!
For more information please visit their website.

And of course in its regular slot is the UK Clara Cow Cosplay Cup Qualifier also on the Sunday. A trip to the highly praised AnimeCon in the Netherlands is on the cards for the duo winning this contest- this is one for costumes of animated or illustrated provenance. 
For more information please visit their website.

The Cosplay Masquerades are open to anyone who has made their own costume, successful performance applicants, and of course children under the age of 16 as well.

You can register your interest via the form below. Want to take part but unsure your costume will be finished? We recommend going ahead and registering and if the costume needs more time, just let the Cosplay Team know.

If you have any cosplay related queries drop the Cosplay Team an email here: 

Even if you are not taking part on the Cosplay Masquerades, please feel  free to make use of our facilities for cosplayers- changing areas, bag storage, and supplies for repairs can all be found at the Cosplay Desk.