Cops & Monsters

Source: MCM Scotland

“Cops and Monsters” is an on-going supernatural police thriller set in a near future Scotland. Created by 34-year old screenwriter and indie film producer Fraser Coull, the series follows the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland (PITS) as they police and protect the supernatural community in a near future Scotland.

In 2017 the team successfully crowdfunded the budget for the 8th and final episode of series 1, raising over £15000 to shoot the episodes over two years, starting in 2015. The episodes were released via their YouTube channel along with behind the scenes videos, cast and crew interviews and more.

The channel racked up over 15,000 views and gained in subscribers when the team approached My Production, a distribution company looking for indie projects for streaming on Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime. Since its Amazon launch on October 31st 2017 the series has received over 13,000 views.

Scotland is so full of talent, energy and passion that I’m still, to this day, surprised that the likes of BBC Scotland or STV haven’t listened to a large portion of their audience and given us a sci-fi show to be proud of. Wales have given us Doctor Who and Torchwood, BBC 3 have given us In the Flesh, The Fades and Being Human (but to name a few) and in America you’ve got Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Black Lightening, DareDevil, The Gifted… etc. We are creating Cops and Monsters from the ground up. Fuelled by our loyal fans on Twitter and Facebook, we managed to raise £15,000 to make our 8 episodes from 2015 to 2017.


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