Confirmed – Spectrum Next Feature

Source: Play Blackpool

Join the SpecNext Devs at PLAY Expo Blackpool!

Meet the developers, discuss the hardware, and see what games are currently in development at one of the first public showings for the Next team since the launch of the new graphics modes for the Spectrum Next!

Available to play will be (what we think is) a perfect home port of the Konami’s famous Scramble game, showing off how powerful these new modes are, as well as numerous other titles.

This is also your chance to meet the devs to discuss & see the other some other exciting ports happening on the Next right now including work on Mike Dailly’s Super Crate Box and Kev Brady’s Melkhior’s Mansion – the newly named Atic Atac port that also looks pixel perfect!

We’re not sure there’s been such a large collection of Next’s in once place since they left the factory, so this is easily your best chances to get your hands on one before the rest hopefully arrive…

You can find them over in the Trading Hall all weekend long, and you can find the full list of games below – 

Baggers In Space – 


After exploring the galaxy and looking for valuable minerals, Baggers is ready to make his way home. Typically, his return turns out not to be a simple return flight. After hitting a nasty piece of space debris, Baggers finds himself stranded on an alien planet with both a broken spaceship and no fuel. Can you help him find a way to leave the planet and continue his journey home? He would really like to be home in time for tea…

Warhawk – 


It has been 476 years since the last Warhawk defeated Zoch’s ministers of evil… In the year 6066, the forgotten planet Vile has been mined by the minions of the awakened Zoch in order to rebuild his evil empire once more! Nothing stands in the way of this universal threat but one pilot and his mighty Warhawk. Defend the universe through 20 levels filled with the brutal and most deadliest armada of abominable crafts, advanced cities and unholy bosses and mini bosses.


Scramble – 


Take control of your jet and guide it across the hostile terrain. Armed with forward firing missiles and bombs, you must avoid colliding with the terrain and other enemies whilst maintaining your limited fuel supply.
There are six levels in total, each with its own unique style and challenges. There is no break between each level, the battle is relentless. Points are awarding for simply staying alive and for destroying the enemy installations.

Tyvarian –


Journey to the fabled crystal areas of Lavey on a quest to collect the valuable resources. You will need cunning, nerves of steel, the skill of an artisan, and a fair degree of luck…
The inexperienced need not apply…
Featuring a myriad of surprises spread over a vast array of deadly arenas, the journey is long but… The rewards are vast.

Horace World Tour – 


Horace is back! After his encounters with park guards, insane traffic and of course spiders (not to mention a brief jaunt into the Mystic Woods), now he is on his own World Tour!
With three gameplay modes, World Tour, Endless and Challenge, you must help Horace guide the shapes and align them as they fall to make a perfect fit!. As you progress the game will get faster and more challenging. Don’t let the shapes reach the top!

Melkhior’s Mansion – 

Melkhiors Mansion A3 Poster

In 1983, Ultimate Play The Game unleashed the classic game Atic Atac on the ZX Spectrum. Fast forwards 36 years and Richard Jordan has turned his coding talent towards an homage to this staple of gameness. With approval from Rare Ltd (their only stipulations were that the title was changed sufficiently so as not to cause confusion, and that it could not make any profit), Melkhior’s Mansion is rising up from the basement in glorious colour and isometric 3D!

Q*Bee – 

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It’s a bee and bad-guy jumping jamboree!
Keep jumping over the cubes to change them to the target colour. Complete the whole pyramid and dispose of the dangers in your way.
Can you change all the cubes while avoiding the creatures out to get you?
Hurl bombs and fly on psychedelic disks as you progress through an ever challenging series of fiendish levels.
Are you ready to enter the wacky world of Q-Bee???

The Hollow Earth Hypothesis – 


The Hollow Earth Hypothesis was an idea based on games like Terramex,.flip screen platform games with an element of exploration and having to figure out what to do with objects in order to progress. It has been developed for 18 months and it has recently been revamped with new graphics by industry legend Simon Butler! The game code has been updated in order to use new features of the Next core such as tilemaps. The story is a loose mix of Journey to the center of the Earth meets Shambala meets Cthulu Mythos, with the professor trying to recover a secret map that leads to the inner Earth in a deserted island off the coast of New England. It requires patience, strategic thinking as well as quick reflexes and a thorough mapping of the game’s levels, and will offer quite a challenge to complete even for seasoned players.

Super Crate Box – 

Super Crate Box

Originally created by Vlambeer in 2010 in Game Maker 7, Super Crate Box has appeared on desktops, phones, tablets, consoles and even retro machines such as the C64 and Spectrum.
The game itself has a simple premise – pick up boxes to score. This is easier said than done. Each box has a different weapon, some great, some not so great. But if you want to score high, you need to take the good with the bad! Pick up crates, earn new weapons, unlock new characters and levels.

Spectron 2084 – 


In the year 2084, robots have turned against humans in a cybernetic revolt. You must defeat seemingly endless waves of robots, rescue surviving humans, and earn as many points as possible.
Based on the original Robotron: 2084 arcade game released in 1982, Spectron: 2084 recreates the intense action on your Spectrum Next!

Dreamworld Pogie – 


Race through 15 sugar-coated levels of arcade action with everyone’s lovable pet fluffle – Pogie! It won’t be easy as enemies lie in wait, but Pogie has special powers when he swallows a fizzlola..

Monkey McGee – 


Forced to crash land on an uncharted world, Monkey McGee finds his cargo of bananas stolen by the strange and hostile inhabitants and his engine in pieces. Monkey McGee is a tip of the hat to every 8-bit platformer that ever was. A vast map filled with every trick in the platforming book; perilous rope jumps over spiky pits, collapsing platforms, conveyors, cannons, lasers and more.