CEX at MCM Scotland

Source: MCM Scotland

It’s that time of year again when super-fans, cosplayers, gamers, film buffs, comic collectors and anyone passionately geeky congregate to celebrate all things pop-culture in Glasgow!

CEX will be there as always, allowing you to buy, sell and trade from a range of entertainment products right there on the show floor. Don’t have enough cash for that special collectible you always wanted? Worry not! Your old phone, DVDs, games and tech can all be turned into cold hard cash in the blink of an eye – just remember to save some of it in case you stumble across Amazing Spider-Man #121!

You can even nurse your own inner superhero and donate through them to a number of good causes.

Either way make sure you pop down to STAND NUMBER 651 for the chance to win some sweet, sweet CeX vouchers at any one of the competitions they run at their stall, plus free goodies – CeX sweets anyone? 😉

Head on over to www.webuy.com, or check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, and now on Snapchat @cexofficial