Cast & Creators of Sci-fi feature Genesis give you the inside scoop at MCM London

Source: MCM London

Cast and crew from upcoming sci-fi film Genesis are coming to MCM London to give us the lowdown on Lionsgate UK’s new post-apocalyptic drama, which sees the last remnants of mankind battling an army of humanoids led by an AI that once believed itself human.

Join moderator Ryan Lambie (Den of Geek deputy editor and author of The Geek’s Guide to SF Cinema) as he chats with cast members Olivia Grant (Stardust), Wendy Glenn (You’re Next) and Philip Barantini (Band of Brothers) and writer-director duo Freddie Hutton-Mills and Bart Ruspoli (World War Dead: Rise of the Fallen) about the making of Genesis and genre film-making in general. The Genesis panel will take place on MCM London’s Main Stage at 14:00 on the Sunday of the event. With freebies and exclusive clips.

Genesis is set in the year is 2069 at which point mankind has been devastated by a chemical Armageddon. Forced to live underground where the air is breathable, the civilians, led by the charismatic Paul Brooks (John Hannah) survive in dire conditions, starving and pushed into slave labour.As the civilian unrest grows, the politicians and scientists, led by Dr. Eve Gabriel (Olivia Grant) dedicate all resources to the construction of ABEL, a humanoid life-form, and mankind’s last hope. When the powerful A.I. Machine learns its preprogramed fate, it is up to Eve and Paul to stop the catastrophic consequences as humanity’s future lies in the balance.

Starring John Hannah (The Mummy trilogy, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Olivia Grant (Stardust) and Chiké Okonkwo (The Birth of a Nation), Genesis will be released by Lionsgate UK as a digital download on 9 July and makes its DVD debut on 16 July.

— This news story is for May 2018’s MCM London Comic Con –