Battlestar Galactica Group Special at Comic Con Scotland

Jack Stauffer is an American actor and director that played the character of Lieutenant Bojay in the original Battlestar Galactica. He played the role of a the Viper pilot aboard the Colonial Fleet, holding the rank of lieutenant.

To date, Stauffer has guest starred on 60 different television shows (miniseries, regular series, and TV movies), “numerous” stage productions, and over 250 commercials.

Herbert Jefferson Jr is best known for his role as Lieutenant Boomer on the original Battlestar Galactica television series. In the 1980 spin-off Galactica 1980, his character was promoted to Colonel, and had moved up in the chain of command to become the Executive Officer of the Galactica.

Terry Carter has acted in numerous TV series, specials, and theatrical films. Carter was a regular cast member of The Phil Silvers Show , as Pvt. Sugie Sugarman. In 1965 he was the only black actor to have a role in the World War II drama Combat!. He played the part of Police Officer Tuttle in the 1974 children’s film Benji. He is best known internationally for his co-starring role as Colonel Tigh in Battlestar Galactica. Carter also starred as Dennis Weaver’s partner, “Sergeant Joe Broadhurst” in the detective series McCloud for seven years. He played opposite Pam Grier in the motion picture Foxy Brown. He played the role of CIA chief “Texas Slim” in Hamilton, a multinational action-adventure Swedish film. More recently, Carter had a recurring role in Hotel Caesar, Norway’s most popular soap opera, as Solomon Tefari, an Ethiopian businessman and father of one of the main characters.

Benedict, Stauffer, Terry and Herbert will be attending Comic Con Scotland on both days of the event 10-11 November 2018

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