All Our Announcements, All In One Place

Source: Play Blackpool

We’ve announced a lot of exciting content for PLAY Expo Blackpool, so much so we’ve no doubt it’s getting hard for you all to keep track!

Here’s the full list of exhibitors, features, guests, and gaming content you have to look forward to with links to the full articles. We’ll keep updating this page as more gets announced!

Floorplan – Make sure you don’t get lost this weekend!
Talks & Stage Schedule – Make sure you don’t miss out on any of our guest talks and panels!
Tournaments Schedule – Got a taste for tournaments? We’ve got plenty to choose from!

Features –

Cosplay Masquerade – Be in with a chance to win £200 by entering PLAY Expo Blackpool Cosplay Masquerade.
Magnetic Fields Panel – Magnetic Fields are joining us for a Talk and Q&A hosted by RetroUnlim!
Hewson Consultants Panel – We’re holding a Hewson Consultants Panel with Andrew and his son Rob!
Playtonic Games Panel – The creators of Yooka-Laylee are joining us at PLAY Expo Blackpool!
Women of Retrogaming Panel – Come and take part in our panel dedicated to the women of retrogaming!
RetroUnlim Live! Panel – RetroUnlim Live! ..the most spontaneous live show where anything can happen will be coming to PLAY Expo Blackpool!
Pokemon Hunt – Pokemon have hidden themselves all over PLAY Expo Blackpool and it’s up to you to hunt them down!
Spectrum Next Feature –  Meet the developers, discuss the hardware and see what games are currently in development.

Guests –

Tim Follin – Composer Tim Follin is joining us!
Andrew & Rob Hewson – The Hewson’s are joining us for a panel!
Bex “Trista Bytes” Trista – Indie game & indie comic interviewer and retrogaming streamer on Twitch. Hosting our Women of Retrogaming Panel!
Kim Justice – An alleged content creator on YouTube (her words, not ours!).
Lady Decade – An aspiring content creator with a YouTube channel that places a heavy emphasis on arcade games of our past.
Aravelle – A Twitch streamer and gaming enthusiast who fell in love with gaming over 30 years ago.
Tamaracade – A YouTuber who makes retro gaming videos. She won Slopes’ Game Show that we hosted at this years PLAY Manchester!
Iain Lee – Good Morning Britain host Iain Lee is hosting our RetroUnlim Live! Panel.
The Gaming Muso – James Marsh aka The Gaming Muso will be performing LIVE this year at PLAY Expo Blackpool!
Top Hat Gaming Man – The Top Hat Gaming Man is a Gaming YouTuber who covers over 40 years of gaming history on his channel.
Novabug – Retro reviews, top 11 and docu-style videos. He also presents a livestream show where he tests old cassette games on an CPC464!
Xyphoe – A freelance journalist for “Retro Gamer” magazine, runs the website and is commonly known as ‘that Amstrad guy’ on YouTube!
Onaretrotip – Onaretrotip covers all things retro gaming, delving into the facts and history of the games and systems that we love.
Scott’s Game Asylum – Inspired by late-night gaming tv shows from the early 2000s and cutting honest wit. Scott’s Game Asylum is all about reviewing games that are worth your time.

Tournaments –

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments on both Saturday & Sunday!
Super Mario Kart SNES – The UKs fastest will be running an SMK SNES tournament on Saturday!
Full Tournaments Schedule – Got a taste for tournaments? We’ve got plenty to choose from! Overcooked 2, Halo 2, Gang Beasts and Mario Kart 64 can be added to the above!
RetroCollect – Do you have what it takes to take on RetroCollect’s console challenges?

Gaming – 

Fortnite – One of the most beloved battle-royales makes it’s way to Blackpool!
Classic PC Gaming Showcase – Point-and-clicks, FPS, RPGs and more, come and play some of PC Gaming’s finest!
Japanese Arcade Zone – We’re working with Japanarama to bring a range of Rhythm, Shooting, and Fighting large-scale modern Japanese cabinets!
Arcade Zone – Over a hundred classic cabs alongside our new Japanese Arcade Zone!
Pinball Tables – Some fan-favourite tables for you to play on!
Retro Gaming – Play all of your childhood favourites.
Next-Gen Zone – Play the latest AAA titles.
Virtual Reality – Delve into a virtual world on the latest in VR technology
Minecraft – Multiplayer Minecraft is coming to PLAY Expo Blackpool.
LAN Gaming – You might not host LAN parties anymore, but we do!
Rhythm Games – Whether you have the musicality of Mozart, or are just plain tone-deaf there’s something for everyone!

Exhibitors – 

Trading Zone – Take home some retro-inspired merchandise
Indie Zone – Take a sneak peak at some of our confirmed indie titles.