2018 LFCC Schedule

Source: Showmasters London

The first draft of the 2018 LFCC Schedule is here!

We’re doing things a bit differently this year. We want to get the schedule to you as quickly as possible, and we know there are always last minute tweaks that need making, so we’re sharing this draft version with you.

Please don’t make final plans based on this schedule.

The full and master version will go up this Monday with suggested batches for the AM and PM shoots.

As you will see a number of the big guests have two photo shoots, an AM and a PM shoot, on the master version being posted on Monday we will try to give an estimate of which batches will be called in the AM shoot.


Diamond Pass Guests: Diamond pass holders will be called in first, this will be in pass order (the passes will have numbers on them). Then Gold Pass holders will be called.

Gold Pass Holders: If there are more than 50 of you we will have to look at calling you in ticket batch order, you will still go in before the standard pass holders, just in batch order within the gold pass holders.

As usual, those called in the AM shoot can still join the PM shoot if they can’t make it.


Click the links below to see the DRAFT SCHEDULE – and remember the MASTER schedule will go live on Monday!